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Help your child navigate their spiritual gifts

Does your child tell you that they see or hear things?

Let me start by saying that I am not a trained counselor nor psychologist. If you feel your child is experiencing an issue that requires professional help, by all means, please start there. As a natural-born medium, however, I know first-hand what its like to be an average, normal kid... yet also see people who are in Spirit.

I was one of the lucky ones, I was never afraid of my experiences with Spirit. While my parents may not have understood it, they also did not discourage it nor try to attach fear to the stories I told and for that I am truly grateful. Because of this background, over the years I have found myself speaking to the parents of spiritually gifted children and of course, the children themselves to help both sides gain insight as to what might be happening and how to handle it in the most loving and safe way possible. ​


Client Mary L. said: "As early as age 2 or 3, my daughter would tell me that someone named "Grandma Nancy" comes to visit her and that she loves us. Is it possible she's really talking to my mother who passed away 10 years before she was born?"

Absolutely! Our loved ones are able to stop in to see us as often as they want. Many times it's the children who are more open to their energy and less judgmental than the adults making it easier for them to visit with the kids.

Client Faye Z. said: ​"My 7 year old son is suddenly afraid to go into the bathroom by himself telling me 'there's a man in there'. He's wakes me up several times each night to escort him to the bathroom and even during the daytime he makes me go with him. I know it sounds crazy but could there really be a man in there that I can't see but he can?"

There sure can! People in Spirit have a different "vibe" than people who are still in their physical body. Children are often more aware of this 'vibe' than adults. I often find that when a parent can sense the energy that their child speaks of - because spirit energy feels different than ours - the adults have a tendency to label it as "bad" or "scary". Try to remember that just because something feels energetically different than our normal state it doesn't necessarily mean its "evil" or harmful! I often ask the adults, "Was your Dad scary when he had a physical body?" and of course their answer is no. And then I point out that just because he is now without a physical body doesn't suddenly make him a scary or an evil guy. While the idea of him having no physical body might make you feel uneasy or nervous, Dad himself is still the same guy you always knew. Nothing to be frightened of.

In addition to connecting with Spirit, I also work with the Elemental realms (fairies, sprites and the like). Sometimes children aren't strictly experiencing Spirit but instead are connecting with, and aware of, the Elemental energies! Is your child drawn to the outdoors? Animals? The woods? Water? Are they concerned about the environment, even from a very young age? Chances are they may also be connected to the fairy and gnome energies that are around us. The Elementals are very Earth-based and are interested in healing the planet. If your child is naturally drawn to those things too, they may have a lovely connection with the fairy folk!

​If any of this resonates with you, I am happy to help. All sessions always include parents. Most of the children I work with are aged 8 to 18. Prior to age 8 I find that guidance for only the parents is often more suitable but this is not a hard rule as every child is different. If your child has questions, regardless of age, I am here to help.

​Contact me for a FREE 15-minute consultation to evaluate your individual situation.

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