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It all began with Spirit

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I am Jaret. That's ja-R-et. Rhymes with "carrot".
This is me and my dad back in the day. At age 16, I got my first job as a lawn mower and chainsaw mechanic and then later a motorcycle mechanic. For a few years, I was a bartender in the Hamptons and for a few decades I was a Computer Programmer and I have also done Tech Support. But first and foremost, I am a natural-born clairvoyant and clairaudient medium. I cannot remember a time that I was not aware of “those on the other side”.

Up until my teenage years (yes, that's me as a teen) I thought everyone could see, hear and feel the souls of those who had crossed over. Spirits would often make themselves known to me and ask me to deliver messages for them often putting me in somewhat awkward circumstances. Even then I knew it was unethical to approach perfect strangers with information from a departed loved one - no matter how much that loved one might be begging me to speak on their behalf - so I limited my messages to those I knew personally.

In 2001, a close relative passed away from cancer. It was during her illness that I really began to understand what a special gift it was to have “insight” into the afterlife. Our conversations about her inevitable transition were uplifting and came from a peaceful, spiritual place. A place where its understood that your energy lives on and you have simply transformed. These talks did not come from a place of fear and pain which in turn, helped my relative to be more comfortable with her own passing. But while our personal conversations were very uplifting, I couldn't help but notice how painfully others were reacting to her illness and the end-of-life process. I felt that if everyone could know what I knew about crossing over and the afterlife, then the pain of the grieving process would be immeasurably reduced. It was this time in my life that truly fueled my desire to help people by becoming the bridge between this world and the next and I became interested in enhancing my natural mediumship abilities. After studying with several teachers, I became a Certified Medium providing mediumship readings not only in my local area of New York but also worldwide.  

"Hooked On Healing"


About 15 years ago I was - quite by accident - introduced to Reiki. I signed up for a Reiki class that I thought would be strictly informational but during the class I was informed that I would be learning how to do Reiki that day! (They say there are no accidents, right?) Suffice it to say, after that class I was "hooked on healing"! Honored and excited to have a new way of bringing healing to people and animals, I then became a Reiki Master/Teacher.

​I always joke that Reiki is a "gateway drug" because once I was introduced to Reiki, I became interested in many other forms of Energy healing. Although I no longer strictly do Reiki, my energy healing sessions always come from a place of love and light and include a combination of Reiki energy, channeled healing techniques, Elemental Healers, Chakra balancing, Aura Clearing, Color healing, gentle music based on Solfeggio frequencies, essential oils, crystals, and when guided by Spirit, messages from loved ones. Learn more about my sessions here.

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Healing for Your Home, Property and/or Business

Over the years, my healing path has also expanded to Mother Earth with home, business and property healing. In this type of session I use dowsing rods to detect and cure energy disturbances in the environment thereby increasing the energy levels of the people, animals and land. This also includes the healing of, and the crossing over of any Spirits/energies that may linger in a place, as well as tips to keep the energy high. You can learn more about the benefits here.

With 30 years as an IT professional, my sessions are a unique and equal blend of humor, logic, intuitive guidance, and spirituality. I am absolutely honored and grateful every day to be serving Spirit, Humanity, Mother Earth, and all its creatures and I look forward to bringing healing to as many beings as possible. 

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