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Birthday Presents

Gift Certificates

Home and Property Energy Healing is a wonderful gift for someone's home, apartment or business who you feel could benefit from raising the energy in their space. 

Know someone who's been feeling under the weather, run down or perhaps they've just been feeling "stuck"? Or maybe they are feeling fine but just want to feel a bit more balanced? An Energy Healing session can help to restore focus and balance to their body, mind and soul.

Not sure what they might like? No worries. Gift certificates can be used towards any service of the recipient's choosing.

Gift certificates come in multiple denominations but you can also choose your own amount.
     Some suggestions:
          $125 (a single healing session)
          $375 (3 healing sessions)
          $625 (5 healing sessions)

Click here to purchase a gift certificate online (this will open in a new window).
You will choose your e-card design, the dollar amount (preset and custom amounts available), and the date your recipient will receive their e-card.

Not a fan of e-cards? Contact me at (631) 542-2580 to purchase a physical gift card that you can pick up in-person, or I can drop it in the mail to you or your recipient. 


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