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Client Compliments

Home Healing Compliments

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the most sound sleep we've had in a long time

I'd like to share my experience of having my house dowsed by Jaret. When Jaret explained to me what it was, I had never heard of it before. I have received some great results from her Energy sessions and I wanted to expand in that area. After having my house and property dowsed, within 24 hours I felt a change in the energy in my home and I noticed a positive change in the energy of my family that live with me. My husband and I experienced the most sound sleep that we've had in a long time. Especially since everyone is spending more time home than ever before [due to COVID], I highly recommend getting this dowsing done to your home. I am so satisfied with the results and continue to reap the benefits from it!!! You have to try it!​

— Robin C, New York

Energy Healing Compliments

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Fragile Pampas

i highly recommend her as she has helped me immensely

Jaret, above all things, is inquisitive. She has an honest style, and speaks in a very down to earth way... she truly wants to help and understand. So when she works with you, she reaches into the energy sphere surrounding you with this desire to help and understand... asking the right questions as they arise. She has a strong healing energy about her, and it's very likely you will feel this blanket of healing energy first. She is very good at listening and taking time to hear your questions and concerns, and she is good at making suggestions designed to help you and raise your own vibrational energy. If you are new to working with energy healers, then Jaret is an excellent healer who will help you to understand. If you are familiar to working with other healers and mediums, then you will see right away why Jaret is so good at what she does. I highly recommend her, as she has helped me immensely.

— Jeanne S, New York

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