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Energy Healing for your Space

Healing for your home, property and business

What is Energy Healing for your Space?

When most folks hear the word dowsing they think of people who use dowsing rods to find water or oil beneath the earth's surface. But since ancient times, this technique has also been used to locate negative energies in a home. Living in these negative vibrations, you may experience symptoms such as increased stress levels, restless sleep, headaches, depression, anxiety, and a depleted immune system. Some people are more sensitive to this energy than others but even if you don’t feel this energy, it is still affecting you. Children are especially sensitive to these energies and studies show they play a role in the diagnoses of ADHD, Autism, SIDS, and more. Long ago, when these stress lines were found to be affecting someone they would have the person move their bed to another area of the room or to a different room entirely - not a very practical solution.

The next level of this type of dowsing consists of not only finding the energy that creates the disturbance, but to also cure it using a thin, 18" copper-coated stick. This means it is no longer necessary to move beds or change rooms to avoid these areas. In addition to curing the stress line, the rod or "dowsing cure" is also infused with a light frequency that uplifts the energy in the home, bringing in more light and prana into the home.

During a Home and Property Space Healing dowsing rods are used to detect and cure energy disturbances in the environment thereby increasing the energy levels of the people, animals, plants and land. This also includes the healing and crossing over of any Spirits/energies that may linger in a place, as well as tips for the occupants to keep the energy high going forward.


Benefits of a Space Healing are many, but here are a few:

  1. Feels lighter and calmer

  2. Improved sleep and more energy

  3. Feelings of expansion, openness and inspiration

  4. More harmony

  5. Increases ability to manifest

  6. Improved health

  7. Reduction of tension and anxiousness

  8. Eliminates nightmares or night terrors

  9. House feels clear and clean

Symptoms of Negative Energy in a Home

You or your family may experience:

* Waking up in pain that is not being resolved with other treatments

* Consistent bad dreams, nightmares, or night terrors

* Sleeplessness or restless sleeps

* Ongoing low-level stress

* Constant bickering and fighting

* Lack of focus and concentration

* Inability to heal from injuries or surgeries

* Lack of energy

* Clutter that continues to pile up in certain rooms or spaces

Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation
to discuss the specifics of your home, office or property.
You will receive a quote based on the size of your space and what is needed to cure it.

Interested in an Energy Healing for yourself or others? Learn more here.

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